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DiscoverDr Meritxell Huch


Dr. Huch have been working in the field of liver organoid cultures for long time. She established the very first liver primary 3D-culture system that would expand long term in culture (Huch et al., Nature 2013).

She also translated this system to human (Huch et al Cell 2015) and helped on its translation to other animal models such as the feline, rat and dog.

Patrícia Inácio

Mr Robert Arnes

The team is also constituted by Dr Huch lab manager and research assistant, Mr Robert Arnes, for the labour intensive work of cell culturing, medium preparation and histological analysis.

A New LevelExtended team force


Prof Luc van der Laan and Dr Saeb-Parsy, both Dr Huch collaborators, will provide the patient material and the ethical approvals required to successfully complete the project.

For the drug screening, the project benefits from the collaboration with Dr Garnett at the Sanger Institute.

The lab

The lab, embedded at the core of the Cambridge Stem Cell community, being part of The Gurdon Institute (GI) and Stem Cell Institute (SCI), and at a cycling distance from the Addenbrokes hospital, is ideally located to develop this research.

Through Dr Huch affiliation to both institutes, the project have access to excellent core facilities for primary and ES cell culture, mouse, FACS, bioinformatics, NGS, histopathology, confocal and optical imaging, and media.